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TomaPaint turns to the market of lacquer manufacturers for food packaging and sells its bio-resin directly to producers, according to the B2B business model.

This is a known and easily accessible market, which is under pressure from the large retailer and from end consumer to move towards ecological packaging, which at the same time guarantee maximum food safety.

Why To Invest In TomaPaint

The world market for lacquer resins (TAM) has a value of 2 billion Euros, while the European market (SAM) is worth 450 million Euros. The Italian market (SOM) has a value of 90 million, while the Italian market for resins used for lacquers coating the organic product packaging and the private labels of the GDO (Beachhead) has a value of 10 million Euros.

In 2018/2020 the European market for lacquer resins and the organic Food & Beverage market are expected to grow, with a CAGR of 3% and 6.79% respectively.

2 billion Euros

Is worth the world market for paint resins

450 million Euros

Is worth the European market for paint resins

90 million Euros

Is worth the Italian market for paint resins

10 million Euros

Are worth the Italian markets for paint resins to be used in the packaging of organic products and the private labels of the GDO

Who intends to invest in TomaPaint must consider some fundamental points:

  • The production process of bio-resin from tomato skins has already been validated at laboratory level and at pre-industrial level on a pilot plant thanks to European funds. It has also been patented at national and European level. The pilot plant was designed with capacity and industrial machinery easily scalable. The process risk is therefore definitely low.
  • The production of the lacquer from the bio-resin has been patented, but above all the application of the bio-lacquer uses the systems currently in use, without any need to modify the lines; it is therefore an immediately applicable product.
  • Using the pilot plant several hundred kilos of bio-resin and bio-lacquer have already been produced, with which food packagings have already been made, which have been filled with various products by end customers, the food industry. Shelf-life tests are in progress with satisfactory results.
  • TomaPaint complies with the legislation on food contact materials.
  • Last but not least, investing in a innovative startup allows fiscal advantages (tax rate of 30% for natural and legal persons – Click here for the Italian law).

Our requirement is around 1 million Euros for the construction of the plant with a production capacity of several hundred tons per year, which will allow a sustainable sale price for the final consumer.

Since the producers of paints for food contact cover only a part of the possible uses of TomaPaint, other essential areas of application, in particular, those in which there is a greater need for green products, such as the furniture, building and toys sectors could be taken into consideration.

We participated in the European Union’s EIC Accelerator Horizon 2020 Green New Deal call. Our project was among the first and was financed with a grant and an equity contribution. The grant will allow us to build the industrial plant which will initially have a capacity of 50 t/year, to then reach a cutin production of 1500 t/year in 2029.

This will allow Tomapaint to produce cutin in sufficient quantity to satisfy the Italian and foreign market.

In this process we have had the support of IRIS Technology Group, that are experts in Industry 4.0 and process analytical technologies.

Interested in investing in TomaPaint? Fill out the form and leave us a message!

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